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From Brazil to more than 60 countries and 5 continents, we are proud to be pushing the boundaries of car audio and making a difference in the industry. With the establishment of Stetsom Electronics USA in Florida, we can provide even better car audio experiences for customers in the United States. So come join us on the journey and let us take your car audio to the next level!

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The Stetsom DSPs

Unleash the full potential of your car audio system with the STETSOM STX2448 and STX2848 Automotive Digital Signal Processor. Designed to revolutionize the car audio market, these innovative devices are packed with cutting-edge technology and features that bring your audio system to life. With advanced filters, graphic and parametric equalization, alignment, phase inversion, limiter, audio generator, and more, the STX2448 and STX2848 provide unmatched versatility and customization.

The intuitive interface, with its LCD display, makes audio adjustment a breeze, so you can fine-tune your system to your exact specifications. With the STETSOM STX2448 and STX2848, your audio system will be enhanced beyond your wildest dreams.

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